I am a basketball coach, trainer and teacher in Toronto.

I created this website to share my thoughts about basketball.

I have been coaching since 1997. Read my Personal Profile to learn more.

This is what my teams look like on the floor.


Training Elite Basketball Players

Developing athletic abilities, prevention and recovery from injury and mental training.

Teaching Student-Athletes

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Look Again by Sharon & Sunstein describes Dick Fosbury’s invention of his new high jump techniques & the confluence of variables required for creative thinking.

How do you prepare for game situations in practice?
Check out @coachbrock game cards he shared in a previous #GBetBBChat. He uses them in practice to simulate game situations.

There are a ton of options to choose from and each one provides a unique experience!

Mike Brey calls them KILLS.
Tony Bennett calls them GAPS.
Bruce Weber calls them SHUTOUTS.
Buzz Williams calls them TURKEYS.

If you're looking for a defensive stat that is arguably the most PREDICTIVE stat in basketball, it's 3 STOPS IN A ROW.

This isn't a stat you'll find

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