Mission Statement

To forge a supportive community that pushes each other to get better on and off the court.

Basketball enables coaches to mentor all aspects of the student-athlete, on and off the court. The details of the what and the how we are accomplishing our goals remain intricately connect to the why: the team’s mission.

My coaching philosophy is based on this mission and our culture echoes these ideas.


Extra-curricular sport is meant to complement school and relieve stress faced by adolescents.

Student-athletes learn critical thinking, responsibility and study skills so that they attend all classes, participate actively in class and continue their studies after high school.


Each season features long-term athlete development, decision-making & competitive instinct.

We aim to improve our skills and win basketball games because it is a metaphor for the challenges they will encounter in their lives but it also must be fun.


Basketball becomes a tool to hone life skills, such as grit, collaboration and respect.

Every play, practice and game is part of a process to get better.

Players understand that they are part of a welcoming community that cares about all aspects of their lives.