Style of Play

Tactics and strategies are adapted to the unique abilities of the players.

During games and practices, the style of play of teams that I coach emphasizes certain consistent principles.


  • Shoot open shots.
  • All players should handle the ball.
  • Practice correct footwork.
  • Pass the ball around the defense.
  • Execute the little things.

Maximum Pressure

  • Pressure the basketball the length of the floor.
  • Defend ball screens aggressively.
  • Run in transition and headman the ball.
  • Create and maintain a one-second advantage.
  • Be physical.

Constant Motion

  • Move without the ball.
  • The ball never sticks.
  • Get the ball into the paint.
  • Pass up a good shot for a great one.
  • Attack the defense twice.

Thinking the Game

  • Make decisions quickly.
  • Anticipate the next play.
  • Exploit small advantages.
  • Utilize the rules effectively.
  • Make adjustments during the game.


  • Talk
  • Gang rebound.
  • Close the paint.
  • Set solid screens.
  • Take high percentage shots for the team.