Team Culture

This list outlines the concrete behaviours you would see if you attended a game, practice or training sessions when I am coaching.

I have posted the list publicly in order to be accountable and encourage steady progress in these areas.   Senior players help build the culture by modelling the actions above and guiding younger teammates.

“We” means players, coaching staff, other team members and the integrated support team.


  • We precisely execute the little things so that drills are transferrable to games. We play offense or defense to the best of our abilities so that others can develop their skills.
  • We are ready to train, practice or play at the exact time scheduled and wearing appropriate athletic attire.
  • We bring water bottles to games and practices – and can drink from them at any time – so that we don’t miss instruction or practice time.
  • We complete homework and assignments proactively so we can devote full attention to the team when we are together.


  • We develop athletic abilities to maximize their performance on the basketball court. We record our daily physical fitness training.
  • We eat well, hydrate thoroughly and utilize rest and recovery to get the most from our bodies and minds.
  • We warm-up and cool-down purposefully and simulate game situations.
  • Video illustrates coaching points, improves understanding and refines performance.

Leadership, Learning & Life Lessons

  • We acknowledge and celebrate achievements on and off the court.
  • We thank parents, teachers and others for their support of players and contributions to the team.
  • We use a clear and loud “leadership” voice when we talk in huddles, practice and the locker room.
  • If someone doesn’t know something, they ask a coach or teammate.


  • We encourage each other and give specific and informative feedback.
  • When someone takes a charge or hits the floor, everyone moves to help them up.
  • We constantly make positive physical contact with each other.
  • The team communicates by talking clearly during games and huddling during breaks in the action.


  • We clean the gym and bench area afterwards so that it is cleaner than when we found it. We keep equipment and uniforms in a state of good repair.
  • We change in the dressing room (never on the court, in the gym or the weight room).
  • We respond to email, text and phone correspondence promptly (within 24 hours).
  • The bench stands and applauds when a player leaves the game. Players leaving the game touch hands with everyone on the bench.


  • We listen actively to feedback from coaches and teammates.
  • We clap out drills and cheer everyone to finish strong.
  • We discuss our mistakes honestly and without blame so we can grow and do better next time.
  • We rehearse before performances and reflect afterwards.

Playing basketball is a process.  If we can consistently push each other to get better and pull together, the outcome will meet our expectations.