Teams I’ve Coached

Over the years, I have learned many valuable lessons from the teams that I have coached.

Coaching adds meaning to the school year and builds connections with student-athletes over the years.

Volunteering as a Student

When the Varsity Boys Team was cancelled, it was necessary to coach in order to remain involved in high school basketball.

Coaching turned out to be more complex than it seemed from the players’ bench. Also, there is never one single solution to every problem and it is imperative to learn from others and see multiple perspectives.

Mentoring the same student-athletes over the course of several years proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences while coaching.

High school players appreciate the opportunity to participate in a significant endeavour and succeed. There are always subtle improvements that can be made in any program, especially regarding team building and mental training. I also realized how coaches must evolve and adjust to each unique team.

Creating a Program

  • 2000-01 U.T.S. Junior Varsity Boys
  • 2001-02 U.T.S. Junior Varsity Boys
  • 2002-03 U.T.S. Varsity Boys
  • 2003-04 U.T.S. Varsity Boys
  • 2004-05 U.T.S. Grade 7/8 Boys
  • 2004-05 U.T.S. Varsity Boys

Assisting at the Next Level

I have always enjoyed analyzing the game at a very cerebral level and appreciated the opportunity to supplement this study with statistics and video.

When players are very talented, strategy and philosophy play a greater role; the skilled team that best exemplifies its values will win.

When I added coaching to my teaching duties, I tried even more to coach the entire player. Practices, games, meetings, discussions and interactions became occasions to help student-athletes reach their goals. Without forgetting the outcome, I focused much more on the process.

Any person who coaches youth should devote extensive time on how to overcome adversity. Whether it is trailing on the scoreboard, solving a problem on a test or coping with difficulties in the real world, adolescents must understand how to persevere and overcome obstacles.

Teaching and Coaching

Training Elite Athletes

Becoming a great basketball player does not happen overnight. Elite student-athletes are constantly pushing each other to get better, incorporating little things into their games on a daily basis.

Great coaches must also develop themselves continuously. One of the best ways to do this is to listen and observe those you are coaching with and the players you are coaching.

Skill development involves the mind and the body and it is a team effort.

N.T.C.I. Video Highlights

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