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Making the Most of High School Basketball

In High School Basketball, Teaching by Brock Bourgase

As September approaches, student-athlete and teacher-coaches are returning school and a new basketball season is upon us. Here are some little changes that coaches can make in order to develop players into responsible people. Coach the entire student-athlete so that they can make the most of their high school experience. It is unfair to expect teenagers to devote all their free time to a sport or one particular interest. Sports offer physical fitness, social interactions and fun and are a healthy part of the school experience, although levels of commitment will vary. Build Personal Connections with Players Get to know …

The Pyramid of Success

In High School Basketball by Brock Bourgase

Comprised of multiple blocks, John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success could be distilled into five main levels. The top level “Competitive Greatness” generally means success on the court, achieving one’s potential and living a positive life as a student, athlete and person. The top of the pyramid is supported by terms which equate to Relationships, Mindfulness, Fundamental Skills and Self-Confidence. At the 2011 Eastern Commerce Holiday Classic, great teams demonstrated these qualities in abundance. Some might say these are the basic criteria for success in any endeavour. Great teams support each other. When someone hits the floor, a teammate picks them …

Why Are You Trying Out for the High School Team?

In High School Basketball by Brock Bourgase

Not to criticize daily physical activity, nor playing for fun, nor a lifetime of good health. Not to demean those who shoot hoops in the school yard or play pick-up with friends, nor those who swim run, or play another sport to keep fit. Seeking instead to address those wishing to tryout for the next level (high school, Ontario Basketball, AAU, university or college) and excel. Anyone considering that step should ask themselves one question: Why am I doing this? Anyone can see the fans at the game more clearly than the name on the jersey.  Anyone can play for …

A Week Later

In High School Basketball by Brock Bourgase

Mother Teresa won Ontario’s 4A Senior Boys Basketball title. Last week, they lost their conference title to Father Henry Carr and it seemed to be like they may have trouble handling a team with a lot of size. Nevertheless, Teresa possibly had the two best players in the field – Justin Dennis (Justin has been one of my favourite players to watch during the past few years) and Papa Oppong – and they excelled in the final rounds. Many games were close, especially a 31-30 round of sixteen game against Toronto Northern. Northern starts a 6-8 centre, Andrew Pennycook, who …

T.D.C.A.A. Final Miscues

In High School Basketball by Brock Bourgase

I watched the T.D.C.A.A. Senior Boys Championship game this week. The passing was terrible. Father Henry Carr beat Mother Teresa 63-51. Players knocked balls down with one hand, threw the ball out of bounds and passed into traffic. Setting effective screens, good footwork on offence and defence, and accurate passing critical skills at the high school level. Henry Carr is probably the best team in Ontario but if they turn the ball over that frequently at the provincial championships, they could be upset by anyone. Good high/low post play is better than lackadaisical five out play. Pass. Cut. Replace.