The Death of NYM/STL Is/Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

In Sports by Brock Bourgase

The team with the best record has not won the World Series since 1998. I have been guilty have making ill-informed predictions although I have been keeping them on an informal basis for some time. This year, I thought that the Yankees lineup would see too many pitches and wear out opposing pitching staffs. This didn’t happen. I was more accurate in the National League Divisional Series but by the time the N.L.C.S. rolled around I had learned not to make predictions. I thought the Cardinals would stick around to at least make a competitive series but otherwise I had not real idea.

Pundits buried the Cards before the series. The Mets were dismissed heading into Game 4. Then St. Louis had no chance and now New York can’t hit Chris Carpenter nor field a reasonable Game 7 starting pitcher. One Cy Young winner in this series is out for the year and both of the others have been lit up during their starts. St. Louis can get to the New York closer. The only effective pitchers have been the ones who have been erratic throughout their careers so John Maine and Darren Oliver may be as effective as Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine.

It seems like St. Louis should win by riding Carpenter’s arm, or because New York has no arms to ride. But they still have to play the games. Nobody thought Detroit would be in the World Series – during Spring Training, May, August, or before the playoffs – and even though they will have an advantage over the National League team, they are not the sure thing they have been made out to be.

Sport allows any team to win at any time. Why bother predicting? Just play. Furthermore, N.F.L. favourites are only 33-36-5 against the spread so far this year.