A Bad Trade for Both Teams

In N.B.A. Basketball by Brock Bourgase

The Raptors traded Jalen Rose, a first round pick, and cash to the Knicks for Antonio Davis. Wayne Embry commented that it’s helpful to have cash room when rebuilding. Not to disparage Embry, but that’s in a situation when players want to play for your team. If players don’t like playing in Toronto, the Raptors need talent to rebuild. I would be surprised if there is a large free agent signing this summer and it may have been a better idea to wait and trade Rose for younger players next year.

Larry Brown said that the Knicks needed a veteran guard who could score. They shouldn’t — what about Stephon Marbury and the fourth and fifth year guards on the team? Given that everyone drops a hundred points on them, they need a lockdown wing defender. Jalen Rose dislikes stopping people as much as the rest of the Knicks roster. New York’s management is incompetent, I suspect the coaching is poisonous, and the players are terrible yet somehow they are horrendously over the salary cap and according to Bill Simmons have screwed up their lottery picks for the next five years.

Davis won’t really help the Raptors. Bosh doesn’t need him. Davis is an upgrade over Pape Sow and Rafael Araujo but he’s still not a true centre. The benefit of the expiring contract is that there is plenty of cap room to resign Chris Bosh and Mike James. It’s relevant to note that Mike James is not a second option and the team should not be constructed under that premise. The Raptors still require a wing who can ball and some role players who can defend. According to the Spurs’ model, they have Duncan and Parker but they still need Ginobli, shooters, and defenders.

In summary, the trade is largely a wash and helps neither team. The Raptors’ future will be determined over the summer. The Knicks are in rough shape no matter what. Some of their younger players play hard and have talent, but the roster must be cleaned up before they go anywhere.