A Bad Game for the Raptors

In N.B.A. Basketball by Brock Bourgase

The Raptors delivered another atrocious performance tonight, a 113-106 loss to the Pistons that is respectable because Sam Mitchell left the starters in for the entire game. There was no need for Chris Bosh to play forty-four minutes tonight, although he set a career high in points and keeps adding elements to his game.

From what I saw, Detroit torched Toronto with their signature play, the Circle Play. First of all, this play and all of its counters should be in any Association scouting report about the Detroit. Didn’t anyone read it? Bump Rip Hamilton off those cuts and force Detroit to use the second (Wallace) and third (Billups) options (ideally the fourth option if possible). Secondly, what’s Toronto’s signature play? Do the Raptors have one (besides play Chris Bosh all game and hope something good happens)?

Detroit doesn’t do anything complicated on offence. They run some guys off screens, but mostly they play basketball together, mixing up ball screens, penetration, and kicking to open shooters. In the late 1990s, the Chicago/Los Angeles (Triple Post a.k.a. Triangle) and New Jersey/Sacramento (Princeton) offences proliferated the Association. In the next few years, the Detroit and Phoenix/San Antonio (international pick and roll) offences will gain followers.